Tracking With The New iPhone 5S

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The iPhone 5s has hit the marketplace and it’s come out with some mixed reviews.  Of course lots of people were looking for Apple to react to the new and very popular line of Samsung Galaxy phones, with their much larger screens.  Apple decided to keep the same shape as the original 5 but upgrade the operating system and the inner workings of the phone. These improvement will really benefit the world or personal tracking.

iPhone 5s

Apple’s A7 Chip

The new A7 chip in the iPhone 5s is new to Apple and an upgrade from the A6.  Notably the A7 is built by Samsung and has incredible performance with it reduced spacing between transistors.  This has allowed Apple to build in one billion transistors per chip… but this is getting a little too technical.

M7 Coprocessor

So, why are we interested in the new iPhone 5S, partly because of the new M7 coprocessor.  This enables the phone to provide much better tracking and will greatly increase the capabilities of many of our favorite tracking and fitness apps.  Although, technically there is no actual M7 chip in the phone!  Shocking right?  Reviews are opining that this is simply great marketing on Apples part.  Here’s a good read about the mythical M7 from  Actually the M7 may just be a few different chips that work together to measure three different motion measurements.  They would be an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer.  The independent systems are a benefit because the A7 chip would be highly taxed with trying to perform all of these functions on its own.  This way the M7 can gather all of this information and send the necessary info to the A7 chip without abnormal drain on its functions or battery.
One of the first apps to take advantage of the new M7 processor is the Strava run app.  If you’re a runner and you never heard of this app it’s time to remove your head for your under regions. This is one of the best tracking apps you can use.  It is of course available for both iPhone and the Android platforms.  But today we are discussing the new iOS 7 and what this new platform can do for the apps currently on the market.

Strava Run App

Taking advantage of the new technology Strava, app can be found on their website, is now able to allow their users to pause their tracking simply by stopping.  Yup, that’s right simply stop running and because of the accelerometer and the gyroscope the device recognizes the stop and will discontinue tracking your progress.  It’s easy to start it back up too, just start running again.  It’s really that simple. As we discussed earlier with the reduced use of the main A7 processor the amount of juice the app uses is also drastically reduced.  This means only one thing you can keep running.

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