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There is a cool new device destined for the open market later this year. The Tile App GPS Tracker, a small tracking device for.. anything actually.

The designers of The Tile App GPS tracker  are offering the opportunity to purchase the device as they are raising money for its manufacturing. That’s right they aren’t even manufacturing them yet!

Check out their video on

The Tile app GPS tracker people are using a concept for marketing and financing called Crowdsourcing. They started out looking for commitments totaling $20,000. Last I checked they were just shy of $2,500,000 with around 46,00 backers (buyers)!  $2.5 mm, not bad when your original goal was $20k.

Well let’s just say they won’t have any issues with any further financing. They are shooting to debut the device in the winter of 2013/14.

Tile App GPS Tracker - Tile RadarThe Tile GPS tracking device is small piece of equipment and it looks like a tile, actually.  The Tile can be attached to a set of keys, adhered to a laptop or anything you don’t want to lose. Then the iOS app (only supported by Apple right now, sorry Droid heads) allows you to locate it like old school radar.  The closer you get the more green bars you see on your phone.  There is even a feature that will sound an audible notice from the Tile for faster retrieval.

Great feature of the Tile App is that if your Tile goes missing, you can mark it as missing on the Tile system.  Then anytime another Tile App is near your missing Tile it will notify you of it’s location.  That’s like having the entire Tile world looking for your missing items, fantastic feature.

I wish I could say that I was able to have tested the Tile but so far only able to read about this cool new GPS tracking device.  I have ordered one tile for $18.95 so I’ll be sure to follow up with some real life tests of the GPS tracker after it’s delivered.

Prices for the devices are for a limited time right now.  You can order one for $18.95, 4 for $56.85, 8 for $113.70 or 12 for $170.55.  Pretty straight forward. The device will arrive and all you need to do is sync it with your iOS mobile device using their app and away you go.  They say the Tile has a battery that will last for 1 year and when you approach your year anniversary the company will send you an envelope to return the Tile to recycle it and an option to purchase another. Hopefully at a discounted price.

Tile on Keys

We are excited to see the Tile in action and hope it debuts on schedule. When we get some experience with the device we’ll be sure to report or findings. Until then please think about supporting this company with the purchase of, at the minimum one tracking app.  Check out their site at,  You’ve got to love ambitious new ideas like these and with their unique way of debuting the tracker I personally wish the company my best.

If you were fortunate enough to test the Tile before the public, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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