Our GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking System will help you lower costs, run a better fleet, and will help get the job done faster. 

Save 20% or more on your fleet costs!

We help by introducing a tried and true system for less money than the competition.  $19/month and no contracts!

Save Over 20% On Your Fleet Costs

Simply apply a few of our alerts and custom reports to our GPS Tracking System and you're all up and running.  It is simple to begin and also extremely easy to attain a postive return on your investment.

5 Ways Your Company Will Save Money

  • Fuel and Maintenance.  One of the biggest suprises to business owners is the amount of miles and fuel spent on unneccesary driving.  You can't manage what you can't see, we help you see everything.

  • Reducing payroll.  Reduce the amount of hours on the job and help minimize overtime.  Overtime is a killer for many companies.  How much of your overtime is really necessary? 

  • Reduce or virtually eliminate idling.  Idling is the worst, nothing is gained from it.  Vehicles are fueled to move, if you're burning fuel and not moving your miles per gallon is Zero, Zip, Ziltch, Nada, Nothing!

  • Wear and Tear.  Are your drivers treating your vehicles right?  In most cases the answer is no.  We help identify which of your drivers are driving aggressively and which ones are not.

  • Insurance rate reduction.  In many cases your commercial insurance provider will offer a reduction on your annual premium, they understand the importance of a vehicle tracking system. 

More are more companies are using GPS fleet tracking to help streamline costs.  These companies have been able to reduce their fuel bill, their maintenance costs and especially their payroll.  When will you start saving?

About the DWS

GPS Fleet Tracking Provider

Saves Time and Money

Driver Watch Systems LLC was started back in 2009 from the belief that a new type of GPS vehicle tracking systems provider was needed in the telematics industry.   A type of company that understood, first hand, what fleet owners needed to run a safe and efficient fleet of vehicles.  A company that offered a quality service at a competitive price.  A price that would allow their customers to achieve a significant return on their investment quickly and while simultaneously creating a safer work place for their employees. 

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Some Words From Our Customers

  • We have been able to increase safety by drastically reducing speeding in our fleet.  We’ve also had a reduction in total fuel consumption with the idle alerts.  With historical data at our fingertips, we stay well within budget.

    Jose C., Nodarse a Terracon Company

  • With the ability to know where our service trucks are 24 hours a day, it’s made our job easier, our service calls more accurate and the system has added a layer of accountability that was much needed..

    Barry B., Cromwell Emergency Vehicles

  • We have been able to isolate and eliminate problems and delays, have improved overall service, and reduced fleet expenses. We no longer worry about how or when our vehicles are being used because we know.s.

    Bob S., Zippy Shell Mobile Moving & Storage

  • DWS have helped us virtually eliminate unauthorized use, we have increased accountability and the school has also been to cut down on administrative costs by automating our record keeping of vehicle use.

    Kevin H., Coppin State University

  • Our GPS vehicle tracking system from Driver Watch allows us to be more responsive to our customer's needs.  We can route our trucks much more efficiently and it has integrated with our daily ops very well.  It has paid for it self and then a lot more!

    Capt. Bentley, Designer Services Group

Save Over 20% On Your Fleet Costs

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About Josh

I'm Josh, I've had the priviledge of owning and operating my own fleet for over 20 years.  The experience that I bring to the table is different than other tracking providers.  They tend to approach fleet tracking strictly from an IT stand point, this is only half the battle the other half is understanding the behaviors of the drivers. 

Understanding these behaviors and having a system in place to help improve proficiency of all those who are involved in that system was, and remains to be, one of the best attributes of Driver Watch Systems.
We’re a dynamic fleet tracking company that creates simple and useful solutions for our partners.  We are the only company in the industry to offer a free concierge service with our tracking.  No need to hire someone to manage our system, we are here to help. 

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