Amber Alert GPS Child Tracker V3

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Worried about your child’s safety?   Well, here’s a great device to ease the worry.

Amber Alert GPS is a world leader in child tracking and safety and they have a great device on the market for tracking children, it’s the new Amber Alert V3 GPS Child Tracker.  The V3 is a great device, it offers simplicity online and ease of use that is not so prevalent in other devices.  It is a personal tracking device that is small in size so you can slip the device easily into a child’s backpack or pocket and it won’t be an annoyance to them.  The V3 case is made out of strong polycarbonate so you know it can handle the beating your child may have it endure.

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V3 Tracker

GPS Tracker Features

This new tracker is full of user friendly features for the increased safety of little Janie and Johnny.  At any point your child feels they are in trouble they can simply push the SOS button and you will be notified of their location right away by email or text.  Geofences (virtual gateways) may be set-up so that you know exactly when they have come and gone from a certain location, such as school, home or work.  You can see these events from the Amber Alerts new iPhone Tracker app and Android tracker app or by simply logging onto their tracking site on line. The GPS tracker unit is designed to update every 5 minutes so that when you log-in to AmberAlerts website you will have regular updates to be viewed right from there.  With this update rate you can expect the internal battery to last for a good 48 hours.  The device is designed to go into sleep mode when not in use (not moving) to help prolong battery life.

Speed alert is another great feature that is designed to let you know if your child is traveling faster than you would allow, such as riding in a friend’s car.  Knowing that these events have occurred and when will help you contact them right away and educate them on the unsafe conditions.  That gets into the communication feature of the Amber Alert GPS child tracker V3, you have the ability to call the device from any phone and listen in on what’s happening and if you choose to do so you may speak with them directly through the V3 device, this is taking safety to a whole new level!


The V2 GPS child tracker device is a $199 device but you are able to get it for free is you choose the 3 year contract option.  That’s right free with the premium contract or $20 off with a 1 year and $40 off with the 2 year obligation.  The monthly plans are very reasonable too, starting at $14.99/month for the basic plan on up to $24.99/month for the premium package.  The different levels are based on the amount of data that is transferred and features.  Some of the features we have discussed here in this article are only available in the premium package of course, but when we’re talking about the safety of your child this is probably not a difficult choice.

This is one of the better child tracking devices because of the wealth of features it offers.  We highly recommend its use for your peace of mind if nothing else and if you are interested in buying one simply click the link below.

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